Apologetics, Church History, & Spiritual Warfare

Apologetics, Church History, and Spiritual Warfare cover each of these three topics in detail. The first section of Apologetics focuses on Historical Apologetics (You can trust the Bible. In the Bible, Jesus claimed to be God. He proved it by rising from the dead). It also covers Cultural Apologetics (cultural, philosophical and moral issues from an intelligent Christian perspective). We conclude the Apologetics section by surveying 22 world religions and cults. The next section covers Church History from the book of Acts to the present. The focus is on major events, people, terms, and themes every disciple maker should know. Finally, the section covering Spiritual Warfare gives a balanced perspective of the spiritual conflict that all believers face in the battle against the world, the flesh, and the devil. By the end of this book, the disciple maker should have a clear and strong defense of the faith, a better understanding of the history of Christianity through the ages, as well as confidence to face spiritual warfare in the authority of Jesus Christ.